We established the Milestone Joinery in 2008 with the simple goal of assisting all our Interior and Exterior Design projects. Around that time, we found it difficult to find a joinery capable of crafting small, intricate embellishments and woodworking customizations that met our high standards and project budgets. So we decided to literally take matters into our own hands!

We established the Milestone Joinery to help clients create woodworks that enhance their ceiling, flooring, walls and aesthetics. Our expert craftsmen create customized accessories that are not available in stores. As the premier joinery works in Dubai, we embrace the philosophy that “if it’s made of wood we can design and create it!”

Milestone Gardens & Interiors Bespoke Woodworking in Dubai

Wall Enhancements and Wooden Panellings

We love to enhance your walls by creating wall decorations such as artificial vertical gardens that are easy to maintain, customized candle features, wall art, 3D wall panelings, wallpaper, and much more.

Ceiling Enhancements

Ceilings often appear flat and mundane, offering little to elevate the look and feel of your space. Using Gypsum, wood, metal, and decorative panels, we enhance ceilings so that they add to the overall aesthetics of your space. We can also incorporate concealed mood lighting to add a soft and elegant finish to your room.

Gypsum Partitions

Buildings need to evolve throughout their life to suit the changing demands placed upon their space. Our lightweight Gypsum Partitions systems are crafted onsite to meet your specific needs, providing minimal impact and less disruption, while simultaneously optimizing the transformation process.

Wooden Partitions

Looking for something to change your spatial layout but aren’t interested in using a full partition? We also build open partitions crafted from wood that will enhance living rooms and bedrooms, creating a uniquely crafted visual separation.

Creative Wardrobes

Most villas in Dubai come with pre fashioned, built-in wardrobes. We’ve found that these wardrobes are not very functional, as they often lack enough drawers and shelves. Not to mention the heights of the hanger cabinets are not customized, wasting valuable space. We build customized wardrobes that take into consideration space for ties, belts, jewelry, trousers, and much more. Our uniquely crafted wardrobes take everything into consideration. We can add extension rods that allow you to optimize space. We can add shoe racks and storage racks to provide additional space for handbags and all of your other essential items. We can even create a walk-in wardrobe! A uniquely designed Milestone wardrobe will offer a personal touch that enhances the aesthetics of your room while serving as a functional piece to store your belongings.

Customized Furniture

We design and build beautiful vertical gardens to enhance the walls and bring them to life, complete with automated irrigation, drainage and plant growth lights. For those who do not wish to maintain plants, we provide artificial vertical garden design.

Studies and Libraries

Most of us spend a great deal of time in our library or study. We are often approached by our clients to customize their library and study rooms to their exact specifications. Whether you need customized bookshelves or a uniquely crafted desk, our design experts have got you covered.

Wooden Doors

We can custom design your entrance door, villa doors, and interior doors. We can offer classic designs, and contemporary arched and curved designs to accommodate any requirements and satisfy all tastes.

Outdoor Furniture

We can enhance your outdoor space with custom sofas, tables, firepot tables, swings, planter boxes and more!

Landscaping Designs

We offer a broad range of custom designed woodworks to enhance your exterior landscape design. From gorgeous shade structures such as gazebos and pergolas to garden enhancements such as trellises and gates, we will design your piece to the exact specifications that fit your space and your life.

If you’re looking for the most qualified wood joinery practitioners in Dubai, you’ve found them! The Milestone Gardens & Interior joinery team possesses years of industry experience, making us the best resource for custom woodworking in Dubai.

We’re always ready to discuss project requirements with potential new clients. You can reach us via email or over the telephone, although we’d prefer that you schedule an in-person visit. This will give you a direct feel for what we do. You’ll be able to meet the Milestone joinery team, see what we’ve been working on and maybe even gain a little inspiration along the way!


Our mission is to upgrade a client’s lifestyle by offering creative design solutions that are within budget, are flawlessly executed to perfection and are within specifications, timeline and fulfil our client’s dream to set
a ‘Milestone’ in their life.


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